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Certified AutoBrokers is an independent used car dealer that believes in the value of Certified pre-owned vehicles. The importance of quality when purchasing a used vehicle is, the cornerstone of what separates our inventory from the rest of the industry. If you are struggling with the debate between buying pre-owned, or new, this is the article to help you make the right choice. Read on to find out why buying one of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles is the right choice for you.


What does Certified Pre-Owned Mean To Us?

All the vehicles we make available for sale go above and beyond New York State inspection. Our expectation is to have our vehicles in the best condition possible. As Every vehicle goes through a rigorous. inspection before it touches the lot. We give it our very own parts inspection, where if any wearable items (ie. Tires, Brakes, Belts) are below 50% life, we replace them brand new! Every retail unit sold on our lot comes with a 90 day or 4,500-mile warranty. The goal for both you or us is to make purchasing a used car much less worrisome of an endeavor.  

Advantages of a Used Car in General

More Car for Your Money

A cheaper price may be the key to moving up to the desired model. That being said, shopping for a used car can provide abundant options that you won't get as much of when budgeting for a new car. Due to the law of depreciation, your hard-earned money can take you a lot further in the pre-owned market than that of the new. Simply put, your budget that may only be able to afford you a new base trim or entry-level model may buy you something significantly fancier or better equipped.  


I hate to break it to you, but cars depreciate. Other than the few outstanding examples, buying a new car from an investment standpoint is a bad idea. Even though cars are lasting longer and longer, vehicles still lose most of their value early in their lifespan. While some models handle depreciation better than others, the general rule of thumb models lose 35% of their value when driving off the lot and 50% of their value after 3 years!Used cars have a small fraction of the massive depreciation new cars face. So even with all the perks that come when buying new cars (warranties, free maintenance, low financing), the inevitable depreciation remains a substantial cost and a great reason to shop used instead. Insurance Rates Believe it or not, your car's value is the primary concern of your insurance company. Putting 2+ 2 together, Used cars tend to be less expensive when it comes to insurance rates for you. Remember to do a bit of pre-purchase research beforehand to save you from outrageous insurance sticker shock. You may not see a big difference between your 2-year-old Mercedes coupe and the new model but your insurance company will.

Choice and Variety

Want a vehicle that's no longer made or available? That's where used cars flourish. You can get the model, option, package, or even wheel design that you'be been eyeing this whole time. Find perfection in a wider selection.    

Cars Last Longer Now

Experts are calling 200,00 the new 100,000. There used to be a time in the not-so-distant past that odometers would "flip" back to 0 after hitting 100,000! With technological advancement and easily accessible knowledge of how to maintain your investment, cars often look and run like-new at 100,000. The average age of a vehicle is 11.6 years. Shouldn't you aim to take care of your vehicle better than the average person?  

Vehicle History Reports Make Used Purchases Less Risky

If "cars last longer than they ever have" doesn't sway your opinion, the availability of vehicle history reports should. Take our inventory at Certified as an example. Shoppers find peace of mind in the fact that every CarFax history report is physically displayed on our automobiles, as well as a click away on our website. Additionally, think about all the diagnostic problems that can come with new models. The longer your car has been in use, the more knowledge about potential problems or solutions that are available. Knowledge is power, give yourself as much of it before making a significant investment as possible.

Used Cars Have Helpful Aftermarket Communities

Remember how we determined knowledge is power? The internet has unyielding potential in aftermarket communities. Whether you have the new Tesla Roadster or a 2008 Honda Civic, there are people who have owned your vehicle-of-interest since it's release. Utilize your resources. Have you ever browsed the CarGurus Questions Section? This is only one example of a forum where users have asked thousands of questions tied to specific models, trims or brands. When buying a Pre-Owned vehicle; there are no questions, only answers.  

What are the Advantages of CPO Programs?


Certified Pre-Owned models are always known for their better quality than typical used models. If you read above, you know the extensive process we put our automobiles through to deem them "Certified".

Multi-Point Inspection

In a nutshell, Certified Pre-Owned means each of our vehicles goes through a 135 point certification process. We also replace any wearable items that are beyond 50% worn. This means, when you buy a car from us, you know that you won’t need new brake pads in 3 months or new tires for the winter.

Extended Warranty Protection

Here at Certified, we offer our "No Worries, Just Drive" coverage by giving you the confidence, freedom, and reliability you need when making your vehicle purchase. Long story short, this comes default with all our vehicles as the noted 3 month or 4,500-mile warranty that prevents any immediate power-train or manufacturer problems that may arise. Furthermore, CPO vehicles sometimes come with factory "bumper to bumper" warranties that transfer from the previous owner. These warranties are most commonly seen in our newer-model/lower-mile inventory.

Roadside Assistance

Given that it's covered by your CPO warranty, towing reimbursement is available as offered throughout the duration of your warranties extended basic coverage. This day one, mile one coverage offers exceptional claims support with nationwide service facilities. Learn why our "No Worries, Just Drive Coverage" is the "motor trend recommended best buy".  

Satisfaction Guarantee

A popular trend we see growing with our customer base is the exercised ability to trade in your CPO vehicle for a newer CPO before the vehicle is paid off. That being said, vehicles purchased through Certified AutoBrokers have the highest rate of satisfaction attainable. We are non-traditional and a no-pressure dealer. Simply meaning, we take the time to find the right vehicle to fit your price and product needs.  

This Is The Easiest Choice You'll Ever Have To Make

Still undecided? Certified AutoBrokers is a Pre-Owned independent dealership that you can trust. Start your shopping process with the people you know who have your best interest in mind. We are nontraditional in the sense that we are a no-pressure dealer that believes in full transparency with our customers. No question is off the table. Nothing is hidden. We pride ourselves in providing the best vehicle buying experience because our end game is to put you in the vehicle you desire, at the price you deserve.

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