Consent and Disclosure Statement

Before proceeding with your application, kindly review the following consent and disclosure statement and select the relevant box(es).


Electronic Records Agreement

For your convenience, you might be presented with, acknowledge, or sign electronic documents (“Documents”). These could include credit applications, state regulations, Privacy Guidelines, or any other permissions, directions, consents, or vital details. By marking your agreement below, you confirm that you have received this Electronic Records Agreement and approve of Certified AutoBrokers Inc. sending Documents electronically via this platform or to your provided email.


Technical Requirements

Prior to accepting electronic Documents, ensure you have the necessary devices and software to view and keep them. This requires an internet-enabled device.


Withdrawing Your Consent

You have the freedom to retract your electronic consent anytime. To do so, deselect the checkbox before clicking "Submit", or get in touch with Certified AutoBrokers Inc. Note that retracting consent may limit the services we can offer on this platform.


Updating Your Contact Information

For any changes to your electronic contact details, please connect with Certified AutoBrokers Inc. directly.


Scope of Your Consent

Your Electronic Records Agreement is valid for all interactions on our website and any business you conduct with Certified AutoBrokers Inc.


Option for Physical Documents

You always have the right to request non-electronic versions of any Document. For hard copies, please contact Certified AutoBrokers Inc.




For Residents of New Hampshire

If you're seeking a balloon payment contract, you have a right to a written estimate for refinance monthly payments, in line with our current refinance plans, before finalizing the contract.


Acknowledgement for Individual Credit

I am solely applying for credit based on my individual financial background, without considering another individual's assets or income.


Notice on new account creation

In line with Federal regulations against illegal financial activities, we are required to validate and document the identity of every individual opening an account. This entails collecting your personal details and possibly requesting identification proof.


By pressing "Submit":

I permit Certified AutoBrokers Inc. and associated financial entities to review my credit and employment background, confirm my earnings, pull credit reports, and share your credit experience with me as permitted by law.

My application and its details may also be sent to other creditors to meet my credit request.

If an account is made, credit reports can be sought to oversee or collect account activities or for other valid reasons related to the account.


Communication Permissions

By pressing "Submit", I accept that Certified AutoBrokers Inc. and its partners may record calls about my account for quality or other reasons. I consent to be reached via methods like manual calls, prerecorded messages, texts, emails, or auto-dialing. This can be done on any provided contact detail, even if there are charges for its use.


I affirm that I have read and accept the application's terms and verify its completeness and accuracy. 

Copyright © Certified AutoBrokers Inc.

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